Dr. Elie Poulin

Hierarchy: Full Professor

Working day: Completa, 44 hr

Academic degrees:

Doctor (1996) University of Montpellier II. Montpellier, France.

Laboratory: Laboratory of Molecular Ecology

Contact: F: (+56)229787298; Email: epoulin@uchile.cl

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Research Line: Biodiversity in South America and evolution of Antarctic marine fauna.

Brief review of research line:

After a PhD in Ecology and Evolution in Université Montpellier II, France, Elie Poulin moved to Chile for a postdoctoral training in the P. Universidad Católica de Chile and held an Assistant Professor position in the Universidad de Chile in 2003. Here, he developed a Laboratory in Molecular Ecology, training 12 PhD and 9 Master students in the field of phylogeography and evolution in the southern part of South America and in the Antarctic and Subantarctic regions. These researches on the evolution and biogeography in the Southern Ocean have been widely recognized by the international scientific community. Elie Poulin is currently director of PhD program in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology in Universidad de Chile. He is member of the Oceanographic National Committee and of the Chilean Council of Antarctic Research. He has been Work Package 3 leader (Patterns of gene flow and consequences for population dynamics) of the International SCAR-EBA (Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research-Evolution and Biodiversity) program until it ended.

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Administrative responsibilities:

Director del comité Académico del Doctorado en Ciencias, mención Ecología y Biología Evolutiva (EBE)

Other Academic Activities:

Miembro de la Comisión Nacional de Investigaciones Antárticas (CNIA)

Presidente del Grupo de Trabajo en Biodiversidad en la Comisión Nacional Oceanografica (CONA)