Dr. Marco A. Mendez

Hierarchy: Full Professor

Working day: Complete 44 hours

Academic degrees:

D.Sc. c / m Zoology (2000), Universidad de Chile, Chile.

Magister in Philosophy of Science (2016), University of Santiago de Chile, Chile.

Job title:

State professor of Natural Sciences and Biology (1988) Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, Chile. 

Laboratory: Laboratory of Genetics and Evolution (GEVOL).

Contact: F: 2978-7399; Email: mmendez@uchile.cl

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Research Line: Phylogeny, Evolutionary Biology, Genetics for Conservation, Philosophy of Nature

Brief review of research line:

Our research line focuses on the integral study of the variation of characters at an interspecific and intraspecific level, considering simultaneously different ecological (at different analytical levels) and historical (phylogeny) aspects. Using different species as models, we investigate the processes and mechanisms that would show the differences between populations. To infer processes at the proximal scale, we use traditional morphometric and geometric tools, quantitative genetics (common garden experiments), field work and different DNA sequencing techniques. To infer historical processes, we use mitochondrial and nuclear genes that apply methods such as phylogeographic, phylogenetic and comparative methods. As an emerging line of research, we have placed our interest in the genetics of conservation, emphasizing the genetic and evolutionary components of different lineages and their relationship with landscape genetics.

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