Dr. Victor Marin

Hierarchy: Full Professor

Working day: Complete 44 hours 

Academic degrees:

Ph.D., en Oceanografía (1986) University of California, San Diego, USA.

Licenciado en Biología (1981) Universidad de Chile. Chile.

Laboratory: Laboratorio de Modelación Ecológica (LME)

Contact: F: 2978-7319; Email: vmarin@uchile.cl

Link capsule: https://ciencias.uchile.cl/ciencias/30%20ciencia_para_todos_vmarin_video.html







Research Line: Ecological modeling Spatial analysis and remote sensing Ecosystem theory.

Brief review of research line:

The Ecological Modeling Laboratory is dedicated to the analysis of ecosystems through numerical techniques, GIS and remote sensing. Most of its activity has focused on the analysis of coastal ecosystems in Chile and the inclusion of human societies as components of them.

Academic Portfolio:


Links (publications):

Publicaciones:  https://antar.ciencias.uchile.cl/?page_id=26

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