Dra. Caress Botto Mahan

Hierarchy: Associate professor

Working day: Complete 44 hours

Academic degrees:

PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (2004) Universidad de Chile. Chile.
Bachelor of Science (1992) Universidad de Chile. Chile.

Laboratory: Ecology Laboratory Interactions

Contact: F: 22978-7392; Email: cbotto@uchile.cl

Link capsule: https://ciencias.uchile.cl/ciencias/CPT_CAREZZA%20BOTTO_1.swf



Research line: Ecology vector-host parasite interactions.

Brief review of research line:

I'm interested in studying the factors that determine the persistence and evolution of host-vector-parasite systems, with emphasis on ecological determinants that influence the evolution of infectious diseases. Specifically, my research focuses on the study of ecological, historical and geographical factors that influence the transmission of the parasite wild Trypanosoma cruzi in Chile and its possible consequences applied. For this, I use field procedures, experimental and molecular.

Academic Portfolio:

Links (publications):
ORCID ID: orcid.org/0000-0002-2726-2188, Scopus Author ID: 6603214521

Administrative responsibilities:

2009-present: Member Academic Committee of Environmental Biology mention race.
2009-present: Faculty member Academic Master Program in Biological Sciences.
2011-2016: Chief Race, Environmental Biology mention.
2011-present: Member Review Commission Aid for Research Stays tesistas Graduate, Graduate and Post Graduate Department.
2012-present: Academic Senate member of the Doctoral Program in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EBE).
2012-2013: Departmental Adviser, Department of Ecological Sciences
2015-present: Faculty member Academic Career Education in Biology and Chemistry.

Research and Outreach Activities:
2009: Science Week. Faculty of Science, University of Chile
2010: Visual Guide to the Flora of Llanos de Challe National Park, Atacama Region
2011: Days Health Vector Control Interest. Ministry of Health, Government of Chile
2012: Guest in the course "Arthropods of Medical Importance". Dr. Christian Gonzalez (Coordinator). Institute of Public Health of Chile, Santiago.
2012: Insectaries delivery vector wild Mepraia spinolai and educational posters Chagas disease to 18 rural schools and National Reserve Las Chinchillas, Choapa Province, Coquimbo Region
2012: Presentation of three panels on "The Chile welcomes Chile", Faculty of Science, University of Chile
2013: Students interview Liceo Bicentenario of Excellence San Pedro, Puente Alto, Santiago
2014: Guest in the course "Arthropods of Medical Importance". Dr. Christian Gonzalez (Coordinator). Institute of Public Health of Chile, Santiago.
2014: Scientific capsule. Interview "Science for All", CNN-Chile
2014: Talk "Mepraia Ecology" presented to the Regional Managers of Coquimbo, Valparaiso and Metropolitan Region of the National Vector Control Program of Chagas Disease Ministry of Health, Santiago, Chile
2014: Reception pupils 4th Middle School Kent, Providencia, Santiago
2014: Fanny reception and training Venegas, 3rd Middle School teacher Everest Female, Santiago
2014: Reception 5th Basic School pupils Tobalaba Penalolen Santiago.
2014: Reception 5th Basic School pupils Grenoble, Quinta Normal, Santiago.
2014-2015: Commission member Cincuentenario Faculty of Science, University of Chile
2015: Students receiving the Orione 3rd Middle School, Quintero.
2015: student reception of the German 4th Middle School in Puerto Varas.
2015: Chat. Mepraia, Trypanosoma cruzi and host partners. National Zoonosis meeting and vector-borne diseases, Quintero, Chile
2015: Talk: Ecology Chagas disease in Chile. Coloquios cycle of Biology Students Association of Chile (AEBCH). Santiago, Chile
2016: Coordinating the international course "Ecology of Infectious Diseases". Co-coordinator: Dr. André Luiz Roque. Oswaldo Cruz Institute in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2016: Wildlife Ecology talk cycle of Chagas disease in Chile. Series of talks "Encounter with Science", Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Santiago, Chile
2016: Science Fair: vinchucas and Chagas disease in Chile. University of Chile, Santiago
2016: Reception pupils of Alain 4th Middle School, Florida.
2016: Students receive 3rd and 4th Half of the German School of San Felipe, San Felipe.