Dr. David Véliz

Hierarchy: Associate professor

Working day: Complete 44 hours


Ph.D. in Biology (2005) Universite Laval, Quebec, Canada.

Job title:

Marine Biologist (1998) Universidad Católica del Norte. Chile. 

Laboratory: Laboratory of Ecology and Genetics

Contact: F: 2978-9822; Email: dveliz@uchile.cl

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Research Line: Molecular ecology

Brief review of research line:

In my laboratory we are interested in understanding how natural factors (geographical barriers, oceanographic currents) and the product of human activity (barriers, pollution, fisheries) affect the natural populations of aquatic species. For this, we use different genetic and statistical tools, associating them with characters such as i) geometric and traditional morphometry to describe patterns associated with adaptation, ii) quantification of contaminants in organisms and in the environment to associate it with patterns of population structuring, and iii ) oceanographic currents and movement of planktonic larvae to understand the connectivity patterns between geographically isolated populations.

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Administrative responsibilities:

2017 – To the date: Coordinating Professor of the First Year Biology major in Environment.

2015 – To the date: Member committee PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

2012 – To the date: Committee member of the Biology career with a mention in Environment.


  • Professor coordinator course Applied Statistics for undergraduate and graduate
  • Coordinator professor of the Ecology course for undergraduate (Co-coordinated with Dra Carezza Botto)
  • Professor coordinator of the Genetics and Evolution course for undergraduate (Co-coordinated with Dr. Jennifer Alcaíno)
  • Collaborating professor Molecular Ecology course (undergraduate and graduate) (Coordinated by Dr. Elie Poulin)
  • Collaborating professor in the Evolutionary Biology course (undergraduate) (Coordinated by Dr. Rodrigo Medel)
  • Visiting professor Biological Conservation course (postgraduate) (Coordinated by Dr. Javier Simonetti)
  • Visiting professor Conservation course (undergraduate) (Coordinated by Dr. Javier Simonetti)