Full-time academic

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Dra. Caress Botto Mahan

Associate Professor - Interaction Ecology Laboratory

Dra. Julieta Orlando

Associate Professor - Laboratory of Microbial Ecology

Dr. Elie Poulin

Full Professor - Laboratory of Molecular Ecology

Dra. Mary T. Kalin Arroyo

Full Professor - Plant Systematics and Ecology Laboratory

Dra. Jennifer Alcaíno Gorman

Associate Professor - Genetics Laboratory

Dra. Caren Vega Retter

Assistant Professor - Laboratory of Ecology and Genetics

Dra. Alejandra González Vásquez

Associate Professor - Laboratory of Evolutionary Ecology of Organisms Photosynthesizers «Fitoecoevo»

Dr. Victor Cifuentes Guzman

Full Professor - Genetics Laboratory

Dr. Pablo Sabat Kirkwood

Full Professor - Ecophysiology and Isotopic Ecology Laboratory

Dr. Marcelo Baeza Cancino

Full Professor - Genetics Laboratory

Dr. Victor Marin

Professor - Ecological Modeling Laboratory (LME)

Dr. Rodrigo Medel

Full Professor - Interactions Ecology Laboratory

Dr. Ramiro Bustamante

Full Professor - Geographic Ecology Laboratory

Dr. Patricio Moreno

Associate Professor - Laboratory of paleoecology and palaeoenvironments

Dr. Michel Sallaberry

Associate Professor - Laboratory of Vertebrate Zoology

Dr. Javier A. Simonetti

Full Professor - Biological Conservation Laboratory

Dr. David Véliz

Associate Professor - Laboratory of Ecology and Genetics

Dr. Luis Felipe Hinojosa O

Full Professor - Paleoecology Laboratory

Dr. Marco A. Mendez

Full Professor - Laboratory of Genetics and Evolution (GEVOL)

Dr. Rodrigo Vasquez

Professor - Evolutionary Behavioral Ecology

Dr. Claudio Veloso

Associate Professor - Laboratory of Animal Ecophysiology