Dr. Victor Cifuentes Guzman

Hierarchy: Full Professor

Working day: Complete 44 hours

Academic degrees:

Doctor of Science (1988) University of Chile. Chile.

Bachelor of Science (1981) University of Chile. Chile.

Laboratory: Genetics Laboratory

Contact: F: 56 2 2978 7346; Email: vcifuentes@uchile.cl

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Research Line: Yeast genetics / microbiology

Brief review of research line:

Genetics, Biodiversity and Biotechnology of carotenogenic yeasts. The regulation mechanisms of the expression of the genes that control the biosynthesis pathway secondary metabolites (carotenoids, mycosporins) in Xanthophyllomyces dendrorhous. The existing relationships between structural changes of the yeast genome, changes in the physiology of the gene as a mechanism of regulation of gene expression are determined. For this, the yeast genome is considered as a dynamic system that has the capacity to respond to external factors in a plastic way, which can have great consequences for the organism in question. Thus, there could be a correlation between changes in the structural genomic organization and changes in gene expression.

Distribution and genetic characteristics of the carotenoid-producing yeast studied X. dendrorhous in forests of cold regions and the Antarctic.

Academic Portfolio:


Administrative responsibilities:

2010 – To the date: Dean of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Chile.

2002 – 2010: Vice Dean of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Chile.

1999 – 2002: Director of the Dept. of Cs. Ecological of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Chile.

1999 – 2002: Molecular Biotechnology Engineering Teaching Coordinator, Faculty of Sciences.

1999 – 2002: President of the Joint Doctoral Program in Cs. c / m Microbiology University of Chile and University of Santiago de Chile.

1997 – 1999: Director of the Molecular Biotechnology Engineering degree, Faculty of Sciences, University of Chile.

1995 – 1999: Member of the Faculty of Sciences Council, Universidad de Chile.

Research and Outreach Activities:

  • Visiting Professor: Diploma of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology.