Laboratorio de Genética y Evolución (gevol)




Dr. Marco A. Méndez

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Research Line

Phylogeny, Evolutive Biology, Genetics for Conservation, Nature Philosophy.

Our research line is focused towards the integral study of the variation of characters in an interspecific and intraspecific level, simultaneously considering different ecological (at different analytic level) and historical (phylogeny) aspects. Using different species as models, we inquire the processes and mechanisms that would show differences between populations. To infer processes at a proximal scale we use traditional morphometric and geometric tools, of quantitative genetics (common garden experiments), fieldwork and different DNA sequencing technics. To infer historical processes, we use mitochondrial and nuclear genes applying methods such as phylogeographic, phylogenetic and comparative methods. As an emergent research line, we’ve put our interest in conservation genetics, emphasizing on the genetic and evolutionary components of the different linage and their relationship with landscape genetics.

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