11 new species discovered in Iquique and two are poisonous spiders

Its bite causes cramps, fever, sweating, headache and arrhythmia.

The marine biologist from the Arturo Prat University,Andrés Taucare, discovered11 new species in Iquique.Two of them are poisonous spiders, named as"Brown widow"and"The false black widow."

One bite of these spiders causescramps, fever, perspiration, headache, and arrhythmia.

To those affected, the researcher explained to theStar of Iquique, a serum based on equine blood is applied, whereThey act "as antigens different arthropods various poisons"if bite.

The investigation of Taucare, which is named"Biological invasions in the Tarapacá Region: Current status and potential risks", developed over a year, and not only found new arachnid species, but alsoa red ant or New Guinea and Surinam Cockroach, among others.