Launch of the scientific book on lichens

This Friday at 6:30 p.m. coloring comic book is released “Lina, Bea and Simo in: Exploring the miniature forests, with Kalchakura”. This book is developed by the Microbial Ecology Laboratory (@LEMi_UCh), headed by Dr. Julieta Orlando, and seeks to raise awareness about our diversity of lichens and their importance in conservation.

The story stars three siblings and a fictional character: Lina, the older sister who is passionate about biology and who is named in honor of Lynn Margulis. Beatriz, the middle sister who loves to draw and who is named after Beatrix Potter. Simon, the little and naughtiest brother, who is named after Simon Schwendener. And Kalchakura, a special lichen because it is actually a mixture of several lichens, which receives its name from the Mapudungún word “stone hair” and that refers to a specific type of lichen.

The launch will feature the participation of Dr. Julieta Orlando, designer Francisca Zavala, Gabriel León and Andrea Obaid, scientific communicators. The transmission will be carried out through 4ID Play ( or via Facebook Live from the University of Chile.

We will wait for you!