Researchers (CR) 2 are highlighted in the international ranking

Prepared by the journal PLOS-Biology, it highlighted a total of 160 thousand scientists from around the world and from various scientific areas for their achievements related to the number of published papers and citations, among others.

Seeking to reveal scientific advances from around the world, the scientific journal PLOS-Biology published the article "A standardized citation metrics author database annotated for scientific field", where the scientific production of more than 6 million researchers from various disciplines worldwide. Of that total, the top 160,000 were selected and sorted by productivity from the start of their career to 2019.

According to his research topics, René Garreaud, an academic from the Department of Geophysics of the University of Chile, ranked 86th worldwide in meteorological research, Antonio Lara, an academic from the Faculty of Forest Sciences, ranked 272 in the world in forestry research , and Patricio Moreno, director of the Núcleo Milenio Paleoclima, ranked 330 internationally in paleontological research, accounting for the international impact of disciplinary research led by members of (CR) 2.

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