IUBS Centenary Webinar Series: Segunda Conferencia

The International Union of Biological Sciences (IUBS) was established in 1919 as a non-governmental, non-profit organization comprised of National Academies and International Scientific Associations and Societies. Since then, IUBS functions as a global platform of scientists of all disciplines and nationalities for cooperation, interaction and collaboration to promote research, training and education in life sciences.

To commemorate the completion of 100 years of promoting excellence in life sciences, IUBS has launched a series of webinars that bring together the best disciplines to discuss evolution, taxonomy, ecology, biodiversity, and other topics that represent unified biology and the issues of prime importance to address contemporary issues such as climate change, endangered species, food and nutrition, health, etc.

The first lecture in the webinar series was delivered by Rattan Lal, 2020 World Food Prize winner at“Forget the ground” he October 2, 2020.

The second lecture in the webinar series will be delivered by Sean B. Carroll, an award-winning biologist, educator, film producer, author, and science communicator.

“The Serengeti Rules: Regulation and Restoration of Biodiversity”

Second Conference of the Webinar Series

“The Serengeti Rules: Regulation and Restoration of Laureate Biodiversity”

Date: March 10, 2021 Hour: 1:00 PM GMT

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Download the event brochure hereAreas of current research include (i) geographic variation on behavior and life histories, (ii) use of marginal habitats within the geographic distribution, (iii) the influence of climatic extremes, including altitudinal and latitudinal ones, and (iv) the influence of environmental adjustments on reproductive behavior and immunocompetence. On laboratory research, we assess operant conditioning behavior and decision making. Our fieldwork research occurs all over Chile.

About the speaker

Sean B. Carroll is an award-winning scientist, author, educator, and film producer. He heads the Department of Science Education at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), is the Chief of HHMI Tangled Bank Studios,y es el Andrew and Mary Balo y Nicholas y Susan Simon Dotada Cátedra de Biología en la Universidad de Maryland. También es profesor emérito de Genética y Biología Molecular en la Universidad de Wisconsin.

Es un biólogo evolutivo reconocido internacionalmente, y su investigación se ha centrado en los genes que controlan los patrones del cuerpo animal y desempeñan un papel importante en la evolución de la diversidad animal. En reconocimiento a sus contribuciones científicas, ha recibido la Medalla Benjamin Franklin en Ciencias de la Vida, ha sido elegido miembro de la Academia Nacional de Ciencias y de la Sociedad Filosófica Americana, nombrado miembro de la Academia Americana de Artes y Ciencias y de la Asociación Americana para el Avance de la Ciencia, y elegido como Miembro Asociado de la Organización Europea de Biología Molecular (EMBO).

A prominent science communicator on paper, on radio, and on television, Carroll is the author of several books. He is a winner of theLewis Thomas Award Science Writing – an award that honors “the weird guy” that unites the worlds of science and humanities.

Carroll has served as an executive or executive producer in charge of several feature films or documentary series. His documentary,The Serengeti Rules has won the Emmy for Best Nature Documentary along with several other top awards at numerous film festivals around the world. Based on the Sean B. Carroll book and co-produced by HHMI Tangled Bank Studios and Passion Pictures,The Serengeti Rules it has the power to change the way nature is viewed.

You can find more details about the speaker inhttps://www.seanbcarroll.with/

About the Conference

Everything in nature is regulated – from the number of vital molecules in our bloodstream to the number of lions in an African savanna. In the last fifty years, two revolutions in biology have developed to understand the regulation of life at these two scales.

In this lecture, Dr. Carroll will discuss the discovery of the “Serengeti Rules”, the ecological rules that regulate the numbers and types of animals and plants in a given place, and how they are being applied to restore some of the greatest deserts on the planet.

(Additional details on this topic fromhttps://www.seanbcarroll.com/the-serengeti-rules )

The search to discover

How life works and why it matters

¿Cómo funciona la vida? ¿Cómo produce la naturaleza el número correcto de cebras y leones en la sabana africana, o peces en el océano? ¿Cómo producen nuestros cuerpos el número correcto de células en nuestros órganos y torrente sanguíneo? En las Reglas del Serengeti, el galardonado biólogo y autor Sean Carroll cuenta las historias de los científicos pioneros que buscaron las respuestas a preguntas tan simples pero profundamente importantes y muestra cómo sus descubrimientos importan para nuestra salud y la salud del planeta del que dependemos.

Una de las revelaciones más importantes sobre el mundo natural es que todo está regulado, hay reglas que regulan la cantidad de cada molécula en nuestros cuerpos y reglas que rigen el número de cada animal y planta en la naturaleza. Y la revelación más sorprendente sobre las reglas que regulan la vida a diferentes escalas es que son notablemente similares, hay una lógica subyacente común de la vida. Carroll relata cómo nuestro profundo conocimiento de las reglas y la lógica del cuerpo humano ha estimulado el advenimiento de las medicinas revolucionarias que salvan vidas y hace el argumento convincente de que ahora es el momento de usar las Reglas del Serengeti para sanar nuestro planeta enferma.